Nashville lacrosse lessons are an outstanding way for boys and girls of all ages to advance themselves in the game on lacrosse.  We have an outstanding coaching staff that works hard to help each participant reach a new level of success. Lacrosse lessons allow coaches to analyze, assess/evaluate, and direct each student down the appropriate channels.


Personal Nashville Lacrosse Lessons

(boys & girls available)
Rise Lacrosse provides individual lacrosse lessons & drills that are personalized for the player based on their position and their ability.
A special package of 6 one-hour personal lacrosse lessons for $330 is being offered in Nashville and will provide the athlete with the lacrosse training and skills needed to develop into a experienced player of superior caliber. This package includes:
      • An initial assessment of the athlete’s level of play and skill set
      • Tailored lessons based on the assessment as well as the player’s goals
      • Individualized homework to be completed between lessons, which will include both physical and mental lacrosse work
      • A final assessment with written feedback regarding the athlete’s progress, strengths and weaknesses, and recommendations for continued improvement
Single one-hour lacrosse lessons are also available in Nashville for $65 each.
Single 30 min sessions available for $40 per lessons.
These lessons will focus on specific drills to improve skills the athlete wants to work on such as passing and catching, advanced shooting, individual defense, goalie play, etc.