Our Mission:

Rise Lacrosse is dedicated to not only helping the sport of lacrosse grow, but to help develop the game with premium lacrosse services. Being centralized in Nashville, TN, Rise Lacrosse is driven by the passion and love for the sport. With the experience, knowledge, and understanding for the game, it is the company’s goal to make Tennessee lacrosse one like no other. With a combined knowledge of the different styles of play (Eastern, Western, & Midwestern), Rise Lacrosse offers opportunities that no other lacrosse company can offer – forming and shaping a player into the correct style of lacrosse suitable for him. The Southeastern region does not have a “lacrosse identity” at this point and time. Rise Lacrosse welcomes the opportunity to change that by providing Nashville, Tennessee, and the Southeast region, with the recognition and identity it yearns for.

Boys Lacrosse Camp